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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New book, new plan, tired feet!

Last night was interesting. Rodney has dispatched his leather head collar and after three hours of trying to catch him I went home and got in the lovely hot bath Phil had run for me.

It feels safe to say that the plan isn't working. Pursuing him and trying to tire him out is just tiring me out and he's getting locked in this hypnotic trot that I think could go on indefinitely.

Thankfully, I arrived home to find this waiting for me - and one of the first stories was about a horse who wasn't keen on being caught.

I like this bit:

"He didn't try to force a different idea on the colt. Instead he showed him that there could be a way out - if he wanted it...I guess he just figured that sometimes the less you do, the more you can accomplish."

My plan now is to have a few days off from trying to force the issue, rest my blistered feet and then try again. I'm hoping we can move Rodney's friends to the next field and then encourage him to walk himself into the little pen in between where I may be able to put a headcollar on?

I'll keep you posted of course!

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