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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gold star for Cady

Bf thinks Cady has been stolen and replaced. Last night was day five of getting us back into work and she's been a treat.
We seem to have turned a corner and stopped bickering and confidence on both sides is growing.

She had a canter on the lunge which is looking way more balanced and comfortable and then we just played about with transitions with me on board.

A massive step to improving things has been giving her a slightly longer rein instead of trying to jam her into a contact. She's got a de gogue on to give her some consistency and I'm working hard to keep hands still and elbows relaxed.

Today they're both having a day off as we have a family birthday and then it's back to it. This weekend I need to find a field safe headcollar that's much softer as Rodders is losing hair on his face from rubbing.

Happy horsing everyone x

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