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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Riding in the rain

On Monday I headed out for a hack with Emma. Rodney is obsessed with Tia and chats to her while we ride along which is creepy but cute. On the way back there's a good spot for a canter and they looked at each other and decided to just P off which was hilarious. We felt like Thelwell Pony Clubbers being run away with by our overgrown ponies.

Handsome Rodney 

It was a very English summer's day, with a bit of rain and everything looking very lush and alive - my favourite riding weather, even if it is a bit soggy. Once home I put a little jump up for Rodney and he aced it - it was so much fun.

Nancy in the hay barn

Happy horsing everyone x

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Just a little ride today - maybe thirty minutes in the school. The sun was blasting and we did some walk, trot, canter and lots of turns, with me just concentrating on staying balanced and asking him to use his back end. I also asked for some rein back with various levels of success.

We're (I'm) rusty - no matter, great to ride.

I spent the afternoon doing a bit of teaching at the RDA riding school where I volunteer. I've never taught any of the Sunday groups before so I was nervous but it went ok and I always enjoy it -hopefully the riders did too.

Happy horsing everyone x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sunny Saturday ride

Went for a little ride today around lunchtime, just me and Rodney and some flies the size of pterodactyls. The ground was very wet and everything looked very luscious and overgrown. 

We rode around the fields, jumped a tempting water-filled ditch a couple of times and played about on a quiet country road that floods a bit - so lots of water obstacles.

It felt good to be back in the saddle and a big tap on the shoulder-style reminder "Hey, Alison. Your horse didn't get ridden for two weeks and hauled your ass around for an hour with no complaints or funny business." Lucky girl I am.

Happy horsing everyone x 

Friday, 9 May 2014

No bragging, just riding

I wrote my last post in a fit of optimism which promptly collapsed under the weight of a snotty cold and Rodney getting very foot sore.

Fortunately he has had his shoes tip tapped back on and looks miles better. So tomorrow, before any dreams of conquering the world on horseback can even be dreamt, my task is to sit on my horse...

...and go for a ride. There, that wasn't so painful, was it? ;)

Happy horsing everyone x