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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lessons and sunshine

I had a lovely lesson on lovely Rodney on Easter Sunday. He was a really good boy and I feel like we are starting to gel a lot more.

We've been working hard on our transitions and though there's much more to do, we're on the right road. This is why I've missed lessons so much - they really give you something to focus on and work towards. I've had two now from Samantha Brown from Leamside Equestrian and am thoroughly enjoying it.

The other major plus is Rodney's gorgeous nature and good working attitude - he is a dream come true after four years of pretty limited success with my darling Cady Monster. I'm having a good think about her next step and will keep you posted of course!

The change in the weather is very welcome. Gallops in the sunshine are just good for your soul and a great way to get me and Rodders a bit fitter. I need to pack in some decent cardio so I'm not wheezing after one 20m circle of canter - I'm only 30 for God's sake, when did that happen?

Happy horsing, make the most of the sunshine if you're lucky enough to be sharing it :)  

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