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Monday, 22 April 2013

Our trip down South

So we are freshly returned from Gatwick with a new addition...

My friend collected her new boy, the gorgeous Ice, on Saturday, and I went along too for the craic.

She very kindly furnished me with my favourite crisps, Cheesy Puffs, and we had a hoot.

Ice came from a fab yard near Gatwick and as it was an overnight trip we had tea with the lady selling him.

She proved to be one of those great characters of the horsey world with lots of knowledge and a sound, sensible approach but with that loopy charm that horses seem to gravitate towards.

Icey Pops

Icey Pops (as I call him) travelled very well and was totally not arsed by the whole thing. After seven hours in the trailer he pootled off and started eating his haynet. I sense he is going to be a great favourite.

On Saturday Cady came out of retirement (she had to go on her fainting couch when she saw her saddle waiting on the fence) and on Sunday, with the help of the dear bf, we got them both ridden in fine style and minimal time.

Rodney did lovely canters and Cady got some confidence from having him in the arena at the same time. She was a very good girl and looked extremely happy afterwards.

We were stewards at Chopwell Woods Pleasure Ride on Sunday morning and I saw some old friends from years ago which was great. The wind chill was less brilliant and I had to improvise a wee behind the car but that's life.

Happy horsing everyone xx

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