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Friday, 26 April 2013

A bit of faith is useful

I'm testing a theory at the moment - that a bit of faith can go a long way. As I tip tap away at this post Mr Rodney is munching away in his pasture WITH NO HEADCOLLAR ON.

It's the first time all week he's been placed in a position of trust - mainly because all the hair on his face is falling out from wearing his fieldsafe and I'd rather have a horse I can't catch than one that's bald.

Since he was a very good boy to catch last night I made the choice to let go a bit and trust that he will be caught again. I'm enforcing my trust with a big bag of carrots naturally - I wasn't born yesterday and clearly neither was Rodney.

Yesterday they both had a day off while we did family visits but today it's back to the job in hand and I am looking forward to the working day being over and the horsey day beginning.

I've already been to check on Cady Pops. Her eyes have been runny from all the wind so she's been Optrex'd this morning. I also stuck some baby wipes up her nose to clean out the inch thick compost she's been storing up there which she did not love.

Happy horsing everyone, I promise to get some decent pics this weekend x 

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