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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lambs and lessons

Cady was very good on the lunge last night. Our arena is next to a little dell which currently has a dozen lambs running in and out of it every few seconds.

She had a couple of spooks and settled down so we had a ride too. She's like a plank of wood after her winter off but I was pleased that she was trying hard.

I do notice such a massive difference between her and Rodders. He's got loads of power coming through from behind whereas she swings her hips from side to side and lets her weight fall over her front feet.

Schooling and hacking consistently should improve this but my initial task is to build her confidence and attention levels.

Rodney is a pain to catch at the moment. Not impossible, but he's way more interested in the acres of green grass than in me waggling a carrot.

I'm riding him every other day so he knows it's not always about work. My catching strategy is to tempt him over for a bit of carrot and then walk a step away and repeat so he's following me rather than me trying to catch up with him. He's very smart because he knows when there's one carrot and when there's a whole bag and strong mints are a poor relation all together!

Our next lesson is booked for Sunday and if I can't catch him then I'll ride Cady. With horses, a plan B is ESSENTIAL!

Happy horsing everyone x

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