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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No big deal!

WARNING: Please do not scroll down if you have a problem with feet or blisters!

I have been unable to resist posting a photo of one of the blisters I got from pursuing Rodders on Monday night. It's just too monstrous to let it go unacknowledged. I'm viewing it as a medal of stupidity and plan to never get one like it again if I can help it!

Last night at the stables was gorgeous. I went up to the gate of Rodney's field and said hello but didn't try to catch him and then enjoyed a mess about with Miss Cady. I was really pleased with her. She's still a bit tense and my contact is patchy but there was so much going on and she tried very hard. We had ponies zooming about, a loose horse and horse boxes and trailers coming and going. The last time we schooled amidst that kind of level of activity she stood up but last night she was vastly more patient.

My favourite bit was when two people suddenly appeared out of the house that overlooks the arena. Cady zoomed and spooked but I tried to do what I've been reading in the Mark Rashid book and just concentrated on the task in hand. There was a really clear moment a second after when I felt I could hear her say: "Oh. Ok then, nothing to worry about - no big deal." and she just relaxed back into the job.

To me, this is a huge deal and very exciting!!!!

Happy horsing everyone xxxx

Here is The Beast:

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