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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"The simplicity of it was joyful. If he kept going forward, he would of course arrive."

Starting this post with a quote from the book I'm reading because I think it's very relevant to our horsey journeys.

This morning I'm really happy. Rode both last night and they were really good, despite the busy old wind kicking up a racket.

We're working on getting Cady relaxed and listening in the school so I tried this last night Riding the hind legs and was very impressed.

My usual attempts involve hanging onto her mouth and kicking like fury to hold her together - as a result she is totally confused and unbalanced. But when I concentrated on working her inside hindleg, no steering issues and no spooking. I'll keep pursuing this and post regular updates.

Rodney enjoyed a hack around the fields, though at one point he got the fright of his life when one of the mares on the other side of the hedge who was nibbling through the fence suddenly shot backwards like a champagne cork and made a noise like 18 squirrels fighting in a sack.

Once we'd recovered it became funny and now when we walk along that track I'm going to shout to let the mares know I'm there so they don't get a shock!

Happy horsing everyone x

Ps - the book is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (I found the title off putting but it's a good read)

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