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Monday, 21 January 2013

How do

Well hello!

Aplogies for being a lazy blogger of recent. My camera is out of action and I've been a busy old bee.

I hope you're all managing in the snow. Cady and Rodney seem to be faring well but I do make sure I keep up with some standard checks when the weather is like this (and when it isn't).

1. They get extra rations and I pour a hot flask over their feed so it's warm and to help keep them hydrated. I also add a little sunflower oil for calories without bulk.

2. I check and change their rugs often. Cady gets colder than Rodney so I put a fleece under her outdoor rugs. It's also important to check they're not losing weight by seeing them often without their rugs. Plus, a brush and a chance to have an itch always cheers them.

3. TROUGH CHECKS! This one is really important as outdoor troughs can freeze quickly. This is always something you should check for yourself - don't assume it's ok. Dehydrated horses can colic!

Stay safe and well horsey friends x