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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dogs and horses are a gift

We had a lovely time with Nancy last night. She is biddable and loving, with a minxy streak* of course, and is fitting into the family with alarming speed. We took her for a short walk to the shops since the excitement of her arrival means we have cupboards full of puppy food, but nothing for the humans, and she walked well on her new harness.

She was rescued by a friend of a friend of ours from someone who didn't want her and was considering drowning her or dumping her at the side of the road. I find it hard to get my head around that fact, especially when she bounces over to play, or takes herself off for a sleep on my old polypad. But there you have it, and I think it's best not to dwell but just to think of the years of fun ahead of us.

This morning Phil was up early and took her out for a short walk (she is doing very well with toilet training) and then the humans had a cup of tea sitting on the bed while Nancy Noodle had a snooze on the patch of the duvet that went on the floor. It felt like Christmas, that homey feeling that breathes over everything and makes you drag your feet when leaving for work.

Once again, I feel very lucky to have a life full of horses, and now a dog to put the cherry on the cake.

Said horses, by the way, are thriving. Cady is more or less sound except for her normal wonky hock, and Rodney looks like a chestnut bull. The mizzley weather has had absolutely no affect on their rounded tummies and bulging bottoms. I think they could go to the Arctic and put weight on. 

Happy horsing everyone x

*So far she has eaten three daddy long legs and one earwig and this morning she hid under the bed and tried to scoff some indigestion tablets.


  1. Congratulations on your new addition! She is beautiful. I have always had dogs (currently have 3) and can't image my life without them. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Wolfie :) We are SMITTEN! She is so funny :)