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Friday, 28 February 2014

So - jumping...

So last Sunday I definitely experienced a new highpoint with Rodders. 

A few weeks ago I joined a local riding club and decided Enough Is Enough Goddam I Want To Go Places And Do Stuff With My Horse So Everyone Can See How Beautiful His Tail Is And How Cute His Face Is!!!

See what I mean??

And since Cady monster departed I have a teeny bit more cash and so I booked some transport and took him to a jumping rally. And it was a big deal for me, because he made the whole day easy and fun. I just had to scrub the mud off and walk him on to the box and he was a delight.

The rally itself was a good confidence builder, no huge jumps, just some grid work progressing to a couple of extra jumps - some fillers and an oxer. Rodney tried so hard the instructor called him Zebedee because of his lovely springing efforts over anything remotely exciting. He did everything he was asked to do and didn't so much as touch a pole. What a superstar.

If you're interested in a little vid of our efforts, click here

Job done and he went straight back on the box and travelled home for a well earned tea before returning to his field pals.

I cannot stress enough how nice it is to own a kind, cooperative and straightforward horse. My first horse was a gentleman but I took it for granted a bit because I didn't realise how special that was. Years later, and now I'm blessed with another supertrooper, I will not be taking a single second for granted.

Happy horsing everyone x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Cady's new home

I've waited a week or so to write this post just to avoid ruining my keyboard by crying on it...but Cady has got a new home.

She travelled north last Thursday, to live on a farm with the trainer who helped me so much with her when she was five.

Gail has known Cady for a long time and knows her pretty well, so was the first person I spoke to when I decided she needed a new home.

Fortunately, Gail wanted her, and I feel confident they're going to get along just fine.

Keeping two horses had become too much for my bank account, and since Rodney does everything I want, it was the sensible choice. But still not easy - for five years Cady's been on my mind and part of every day (often a big part) and she's definitely a horse to remember, because she's taught me a lot.

I'll be keeping in touch with Gail and visiting soon, but so far she's settled well and her new bestie is Dottie, the one-eyed shetland.

For now, here are some of my fave pics of her over the past few years:

Happy horsing everyone x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A first...and a first!

Last week my friend Lynne messaged me to ask if I wanted a lift to a local dressage comp. I made loads of excuses and wriggled as hard as I could but she basically refused to take no for an answer.

And so on Friday me and Rodney headed to our FIRST EVER competition. I listed all the things that could go wrong (I wouldn't be able to catch him, he wouldn't load,he'd nap as soon as it was our turn) but he proved me wrong on every count and was an absolute pleasure all night.

Truthfully, thanks to Rodney, Lynne and Phil (who came for moral support) that's the first comp I've ever done that I actually genuinely enjoyed. Rodders did a lovely relaxed test and the cherry on the cake was that we left with nice comments - my favourite was 'a good partnership' and a first place rosette. I couldn't ask for more and it's been a lovely boost.

We all need people who will give us a kindly shove in the right direction now and again, so my heartfelt thanks go to Lynne - who got me an entry, got me there and back so safely and offered such relaxed support :) What a terrific friend.

Rodney got spoiled all night too and seemed very pleased with it all and the next day we gave him an extra tasty tea. Phil and I had fish and chips when we got home as our reward so everyone won somehow or other!

Happy horsing everyone x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Riding on the roads these days is not for the faint of heart.

Buses, HGVs, drivers that pretend you don't exist...not to mention all the things next to the road that test a horse's nerve - wheelie bins, plastic bags, fly-tipping and so on.

But this morning I experienced a first. I was on a borrowed TB and riding out with one other, left the yard, saw tons of trucks and men in high viz. Thirty seconds later and a 60ft tree was felled right in front of us, complete with dramatic creaking and a huge crash.

Bless those horses because they just watched in amazement, yet never moved a muscle. Our horses look after us every single day and it's nice to stop and think for a minute of all the things they carry us past that make no sense to them at all, and yet they still do it. For all that they are flight animals they are also very brave!

Rode Cady in the afternoon and we both survived in one piece. She was super duper nervous and sharp, as always, but it was OK. Will I ever get a tune out of her? No idea, but I can only try. 

Happy horsing everyone x

Ps - no pics as I left house without the camera but soon, soon I will try harder!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Winter's armpit

Known more commonly as February...the wind is howling. When it stops the rain begins. Everyone and his dog is stuffed with cold and riddled with depression.

Nothing to do but keep forging ahead I think, armed with endless coffee and Vicks Vapour Rub. 

Yesterday a pal came to ride Rodney for a little while. The school is pretty boggy so we stuck to walk/trot/halt transitions and they did well. 

Today Rodney let me practice stretching my hips out (my right one is giving me gyp) by crossing my stirrups. Again we worked on keeping our transitions soft and added a little bit of leg yielding. 

He was a good boy to catch so I'm going to try and just ride every other day rather than every day as I think my enthusiasm just peed him right off. 

Tomorrow I might ride Cady monster - she looks fit, healthy and bored! 

Is it reckless to promise photos? I fear the blog is looking very spartan these days...

Happy horsing everyone x