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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The slump

I'm in a slump with the horses at the moment.

I decided at the weekend to do some very short hacks on Rodney to gradually build him up again. I've been out twice so far for roughly 15 minutes a time and he feels pretty horrible. He's sound but I think his saddle is off and for some reason my weight is now going into my left stirrup rather than my right - possibly because the osteopath visits of late have rearranged me.

The second time I rode him I tried really hard to get my position right and have a gentle but stable contact. It felt all wrong and tense and I was pleased to get off again.

Cady is sound again but I've hit another dead end. As soon as we come out of the field she's on top, top alert and it is exhausting. I think she's lost confidence in me and at the moment I'm out of ideas.

I did see this (see below) on FB the other day - an experienced trainer discussing a complicated horse and his choice of bit. The dedication and time lengths involved in getting this horse happy gave me a bit of faith. There are some typos but you get the gist.

So. I have a lesson booked with Tamara on Friday. Saddler is due at the end of the month. Other than that the plan is to keep on keeping on.

Happy horsing everyone! :)

He has a history as hysteric show jumping pony. We got him cheap when he was 12, he is 23 now. 
 It took a long time to find how to treat him, and as long as we did things that he could not connect to his time as show jumping pony, he mostly was OK to deal with. That's why riding becomes problem and for some years I did not ride him, I worked him in long reins (it was actyallu his normal rein and I walked by his side). He did like that and after 2 years I could start riding him and tried a lot of bits. With the one handed curb he is most relaxed. Still a lot of arguments some days, where it can be hard to find the reason. Last time it was the curb chain, and some weeks ago he suddenly wanted a new saddle as he has gained some weight. Sometimes I also try another bit on him, but most of the times I come back to this as it gives best result.
I am not searching for the tool that makes the horse obey (in the old dominant way), I am searching for the tool that makes him understand.

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