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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Much better

A much better night at the yard yesterday. Rodney had a small feed, got doused in fly spray and had a slight haircut. He was very patient and seemed to enjoy the fuss. I started to lunge him but he seemed a bit tender on his lumpy fetlock leg so we called it a day. This morning the lump has gone right down so I think it's just been a knock and he should be fine soon.

So handsome

Having a little nose scratch post haircut

I then fetched Cady in and tried to be a more helpful sort of owner i.e. not ranting and raving (see previous post) She was good to lead and stood very still at the rail even though there was tons going on - multiple horses in the arena, trailers and boxes to-ing and fro-ing, lots of noise and runing around etc...I gave her a brush, put on fly spray, inspected the hole where her abscess was and squished some sudocream onto her head sore. She was really good which just goes to show that she tends to behave herself when I behave myself and do things properly. Or perhaps we were both just in a better mood?

Severe haircut with tufty bit from rug rub over the winter

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