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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lovely weather, muzzle grumpiness and extreme photoshop

Well the great weather makes the stables an absolute pleasure these days. I'm got a cracking farmer's tan and all my goals are out the window as I concentrate on just drifting about and pretending to be in Spain.

Cady pops is still lame unfortunately and I've bought her a grazing muzzle to tackle her weight, figuring that being a fatty isn't helping and will place more strain on the injury, whatever it is.

I asked the yard owner to take a look at her last night. We both agree it looks like something in her near foreleg and that it's worse on hard ground.

On Friday the blacksmith's going to take a look to rule out gravel or a bruise and after that I'll ask my osteopath to take a look. The next step after that will be a vet visit. It goes without saying Cady hates her grazing muzzle. I tried to help her figure it out yesterday and she shook her head so hard it banged off my hipbone and left me really sore, so we are both in the wars!

It'll be interesting to see how long it is before she refuses to be caught and subjected to her face brace. I do take her point but why are we owners always having to do things they hate/don't understand to try and keep them healthy? Equine parenting is hard!

Rodney is doing really well. He stomps over to be caught and even when I'm just passing through the field he follows and begs. We did some light schooling over the weekend and a little hack about as it was very hot. He still stumbles a bit on his back legs when we ride out and his next osteo visit is September so I'll know more then. He is schooling nicely though and will have his saddle checked next week.

I've been happily messing about with the special effects button on my phone and here are my efforts.

Happy horsing everyone!

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