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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good horses, great friends

Last night was a proper treat.

Remember Ice who we picked up from Gatwick a couple of months ago? Well his mum also owns a beautiful Friesian called Luckas and last night we all went for a ride together.

The weather was warm and sunny and the fields were crammed with poppies so it was a golden evening. Luckas is amazing - he has the most giant, stately, cruising walk. He's definitely a Rolls Royce as his mum says. It's a while since I've ridden a horse bigger than 15hh and combined with his long flowing mane I felt ready to charge into battle!

All the horses were really well behaved (Ice has settled in so well and is the sweetpea we suspected) and we had a good catch up on the way round. Perfect.

The only issue is that Luckas may have a sore neck this morning as he had to endure a lot of patting..that's just one of the hazards of being handsome ;)

Happy horsing everyone x


  1. Looks like a splendid time :)

  2. I can recommend Alison as a good photographer as well as a good rider. A good time was had by all!

    Lynn (Luckas and Ice's mum)

    1. Lynn!! Welcome to comment land in blogsville ! :) It was so much - thanks again :) xxx