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Monday, 8 July 2013

Cady lame, good boy Rodney + Rodney's salon experience

On Friday I had my lesson booked with Tamara but Cady pulled up lame again. Or should I say, is still lame. I'd trotted her up since last time and she's sound in a straight line but on a circle she's still not right.

Either her near fore or her off hind is troubling her. I'm going to ask the farrier to have a poke around in her feet to see if there's a bruise or some gravel in there. The other possibility is that her hock is hurting - it's been bothersome in the past and she's gained weight so it may be playing up.

The other possibility is that the giant splint just below her near fore knee is now starting to affect the joint. Or it could be none of those things - that is the joy of horses! Needless to say she is perfectly happy in the field with her friends so that's good.

I just couldn't miss the chance for a lesson and Rodney very obligingly agreed to be caught so he was the stand in. I explained to Tamara that he's coming back from a break so we didn't go too mad and focused on some suppling and stretching work. He felt miles better and tried really hard and it was such a pleasure to feel that rhythmical trot again.

On Sunday I took Rodney for a walk out just to stretch and did ten minutes of walk/trot work in the arena. He felt lovely and was happy to be caught so I hope he's feeling better now.

Sadly no riding pics this weekend but I did tackle his slurry coloured tail and these are the results. I think he has the most beautiful mane and tail - when it's clean it's this stunning blend of chestnut, cream and a deep red.

You can also just about see his new field headcollar. It's an Aerborn one and much lighter than his other one so he should be more comfortable and experience less rubbing. Just one thing - why did I buy dark green? It looks good but how am I going to find it if he ditches it in the field?!

Oh, and one more thing - a big congratulations to my friend and her faithful steed for a first in her intro dressage class and a second in the prelim test on Friday. Richly deserved :) Well done!

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