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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Noisy, dramatic snorting

Last night was very rainy and I was still sulking (see yesterday's moan fest) so I was tempted just to count their legs and throw them a carrot.

Instead I brought Rodney in (he thought about nicking off when I went to catch him but it was too late - I already had him) checked his feet and his head for any serious headcollar rubs and then grazed him in hand for a bit.
I might try some loose schooling over poles and little jumps soon to see if he likes it and to help him work through...

Cady's field is a bit of a hike but I went and brought her in anyway - just for a quick check over and a carrot. She is extremely tight with her herd (they graze within inches of each other and rarely stray) so even 15 minutes away from them helps to challenge her brain - I think. She did big noisy dramatic snorting throughout the walk to the yard but led correctly next to me pretty well.

Tonight I'm riding out with my friend on one of her horses - I'm very excited as they are lovely. If the rain holds off I'll take pics.

Happy horsing everyone x

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