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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pics + lame horses + let's do dressage for a good cause

The news in brief...

Rodney is being very good to catch and seems happy with life. I need to start a bit of rehab work with him and now seems to be a good time because...

Cady is lame :( She went galloping around last night after the mares changed fields and by the time I bought her in for a lesson she was Mrs Hoppy Hoppington, poor bugger.

That's horses, I just hope she's better soon.

We had a lesson last week from Tamara Hudleston which was brilliant fun. Tamara is a top notch dressage rider and is giving lessons in return for donations to her charity mission. Read more about it here - basically she's taking part in a race across Mongolia on semi-wild ponies to raise money for the RDA Pegasus Centre in Morpeth.

Her lessons are excellent and get straight to the heart of the matter and the money raised is for a truly good cause. So if you're in the Durham area - get in touch with Tamara and get her to teach you!

Here is a bit more about Tamara in her own words:

I have been selected as one of 30 riders worldwide to race the Mongol derby in August this year. It's the longest horse race on the planet. 1000km in 8 days across Mongolia on wild Mongolian ponies. And yes they really are wild! It's no guided trek, you are given the start, the finish and its up to you how you get there. No showers, no stabling, no beds, only scorching heat in the day and minus zero at night. You carry your own kit and supplies (max 5kg) and you change horse every 40km. This is massive for me as I have never even done a 20km pleasure ride before. I am training very hard and fundraising for charity. As part of this I am teaching/schooling horses for free, well in exchange for donations to charity. Hate the session with me , donate £1, love it then donate as much as you can afford! Normally I would charge £35. I have my BHSAI (minus the 500hrs of teaching I have done and never logged!) I grew up eventing/hunting etc, in 2000 I switched to dressage and trained with a Dutch international Grand Prix rider for 2 years, training my own horse up to Prix St George and competing at BD regional and National championships At medium/advanced medium. I have also been on 3/4 of the last BD northern region teams including the Home International last sept. Everyone can do dressage I promise! Don't be scared, have a lesson or let me school your horse and donate to one of my charities. 

And now for some pics::

Let's all try very hard not to notice the fact my left foot is five inches lower than the right - SADDLE FITTER IS BOOKED LOL!

Enjoying the June weather

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