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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank holiday fun + pics

Just a few pics from the weekend....

Cady and I had our second lesson with Sam Brown on Sunday. Cady was brill - she tried very hard and we had some nice moments. It was great fun. Our first few canters were a bit wild and had an Alton Towers ride flavour to them!

One of our later canters, much less 'wall of death'

I have a lot to work on. Phil took loads of videos and I could really see how much I need to work on core strength. At the moment I'm all arms and legs and I need that central power so Cady has something consistent to rely on. I also need to work really really hard at maintaining a soft, elastic contact.

Pretty Cad

I've been riding Cad a lot lately. Most days, in fact, for the past month. I think if we work hard all summer there will be a real improvement. She's hacking out very nicely too.

Mrs Sensible Trotting Pants

Rodney is lovely too. We had a couple of little walks around the farm and he seems happy. He's dropped quite a bit of weight through being on poorer pasture and he looks nice and trim. We went to see him on Friday when it was lashing down and he came over and rested his head on my arm. Bliss.

Suffering in silence

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