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Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend catch up + pics

It's been a lovely weekend, but perhaps we better start with the weather!

I had plans to meet my horsey pal for coffee on Saturday morning and then ride. As I pulled on my johds Phil pointed out the view from our back window.

New river begins to form

Oh dear. I set off anyway but the roads were so bad I turned back.

Road closed

At which point we decided the ONLY sensible course of action was to eat bacon sandwiches, watch Saturday Kitchen and then have a four hour nap.
When we woke up, it had stopped raining - hurrah!
And I got to ride after all.

Perfect view

The arena was understandably a bit sploshy so we practiced lots of walking in straight lines, which was much more fun than it sounds. Cady continues to be a very good girl and as beautiful as ever...

Swoon !

Rodney continues very well too. He got his shoes done on Friday and then we had a nice hack and a play about in the arena. He felt fantastic - light and willing. Happily he has also gone back into a field where he has friends (with his headcollar on of course). He seems happy to be caught but to be on the safe side I'm mainly just catching him and then bringing him in for a small feed or a bit of grazing in-hand so he knows that leadropes don't always mean graft.

On Sunday we went to Houghall College for their open day. It was a really good day out and we saw gun dog demonstrations, riding to music, a barn owl and loads of classic cars. We also stuffed our faces with ice cream since it was hot and we felt it would be rude not to.

After we went to say hello to the horses - they looked happy and healthy and were enjoying the sunshine.

Horse riding demonstration
This little chap is called Billy and is in training as a working dog.

Happy horsing everyone - I hope you had a lovely weekend x

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