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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lovely Cady pops

I had a little ride in the field last night as there was a lesson going on in the arena. After the torrential rain the ground was slippy and boggy and since the field isn't terribly flat I thought we'd better stick to walk.

Cady pops was on her high wire at first. She stomped in from the field and seemed generally restless and unsettled (she is in season) but she was really good too and cooperative to tack up.

I enjoyed our ride. She was having a good stare at the sheep in the surrounding fields and her pals so we did some circles and transitions and serpentines and just diddled about and she relaxed a lot and stopped getting distracted.

I'd forgotten my riding boots so I rode in wellies which I normally wouldn't do. But I feel a lot more trusting that things will go well these days. Cady is  much more reasonable than I've ever given her credit for - she just got nervous when I tried to boss her about and micro-manage.

The night before I took Rodney for a quiet hack. I did notice he was very slightly stumbly on his hindlegs so again we just walked and I'll keep an eye on this. He has a session with Emily the osteo soon and I know she'll be able to give me a good idea of how he's doing. I had left his gel pad off and wondered if that might make a difference?

Last night he took umbridge to the lads fixing the gutter near his paddock so I went and stood with him and offered a bit of moral support. He is such a beautiful horse (especially when he's snorting and dancing about), I have a soft spot the size of America for him!

Happy horsing everyone! x

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