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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hacking along, singing a song...

We've spent lots of time in the arena lately so for the past two nights me and Cady have been out and about around the farm, seeing a bit of life.

On Monday night we went out with a super sensible, super handsome companion which gave us both a confidence boost. The funniest bit was when a gang of geldings came to the fence and Cady knew she couldn't stop to talk so she started squeaking at them. She's definitely the most interesting horse in terms of vocals I've ever known!

Then last night it was just the two of us. Cady was terrific, really forward and much straighter. I really, really enjoyed myself. When I was leading her back up to the summer field I realised how much better things have been lately. I actually think she saw me as a bit of a prick until the last few weeks but now, I know it sounds daft, but it feels like we're mates!

Now we have a lesson to look forward to on Sunday, watch this space...

I went for a hack with Rod too last night, as I'm just keeping him ticking over until I can get his back and saddle checked. I feel like he has some discomfort so his workload will stay minimal until I know for sure. He's a pleasure to ride out on and we had a very fine old time together.

Happy horsing everyone x

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