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Friday, 28 February 2014

So - jumping...

So last Sunday I definitely experienced a new highpoint with Rodders. 

A few weeks ago I joined a local riding club and decided Enough Is Enough Goddam I Want To Go Places And Do Stuff With My Horse So Everyone Can See How Beautiful His Tail Is And How Cute His Face Is!!!

See what I mean??

And since Cady monster departed I have a teeny bit more cash and so I booked some transport and took him to a jumping rally. And it was a big deal for me, because he made the whole day easy and fun. I just had to scrub the mud off and walk him on to the box and he was a delight.

The rally itself was a good confidence builder, no huge jumps, just some grid work progressing to a couple of extra jumps - some fillers and an oxer. Rodney tried so hard the instructor called him Zebedee because of his lovely springing efforts over anything remotely exciting. He did everything he was asked to do and didn't so much as touch a pole. What a superstar.

If you're interested in a little vid of our efforts, click here

Job done and he went straight back on the box and travelled home for a well earned tea before returning to his field pals.

I cannot stress enough how nice it is to own a kind, cooperative and straightforward horse. My first horse was a gentleman but I took it for granted a bit because I didn't realise how special that was. Years later, and now I'm blessed with another supertrooper, I will not be taking a single second for granted.

Happy horsing everyone x

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