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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Walk the walk

Went to check Rodney and his soon-to-be-new-friend were still on the correct/opposite sides of the electric fence this morning. Rodney stomped over moving super well after yesterday's monster massage. Then he stomped off again and I sat in my spot drinking coffee and pretending not to be a mentalist horse stalker (sidenote- I am officially not the weirdest person hanging around my horse. On Wednesday a man walked past playing his mouth organ)

I left feeling all was well and then got a text explaining new friend had breached the boundary and been thoroughly chased by Rodney who gets angry when people mess with his mares in the next field i.e. look at them, he is like a horrible pimp.

When I brought him in for a ride in the afternoon he had a cut on his left hind from the morning's shenanigans so I took him for a short walk to a nearby copse which turns into a nice loop ride. It was windy and he was cool, a bit looky at first but then forward and walking out well. My plan is to hack his bottom off over the winter, mainly at walk, with lots of hill work, so he becomes very fit but remains (cross fingers) injury free.

Hopefully the field situation will resolve. There has been so much change in his field all summer and I think it melts his brain a bit.

Happy horsing everyone x

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