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Sunday, 14 September 2014

An experiment in better connection

More than anything else I want in my list of horsey wants - is for Rodney to want to be with me. 

In fact, it's the thing I want that eclipses all other wants because without it, there's no other achievement that is truly worthwhile.

If he jumps a clear round because I make him, or I can ride him only by keeping him in his stable (iffy to catch for anyone new) or we can do flying changes but he runs away as soon as he can -then all those things are a fail to me.

In nearly two years there's a definite kinship between us. He lets me touch his ears and is fine with being bridled, he trusts me to hold him for the farrier, he lets me get on pretty much anywhere and anyhow - there are many practical, daily things where he looks a bit worried but shows trust and sees them through.

So I want to build on these good things and hopefully encourage an even better bond. So for the next month I'm going to spend a bit of time in his field at least three times a week. Not asking anything, not catching him, not staring at him. Just hanging around and expecting nothing.

I've chosen this task for two reasons. 1) It was suggested to me five years ago and I never did it yet keep remembering it so my brain is clearly curious and 2) Because I read a nice article on liberty work that suggested just this as a starting point.

It might change things between us, and it might not, but at the very least it will change me - hopefully into someone with slightly more patience, slightly fewer demands and possibly a clearer head with which to go about my day.

I'll let you know how it goes ...

Happy horsing everyone x 

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