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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Updates ...

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days so I got to the yard early to do a bit of field sitting. It was much harder knowing I was off to work as I felt much less able to relax and read my book. Also, I sort of broke the premise on Wednesday by taking him a carrot which made him pester me for a bit and then leave as soon as he knew the pockets were empty of treasure.

On Monday we did some raised trotting poles, no bother there, and today I took him for a hack and then tried some neck reining in the arena but using a neck strap. It was quite windy on the hack so her felt slightly tremulous but he was forward going and brave as always, though slightly concerned when we found two ladies blackberrying in the woods. I could feel him thinking, "We never find people here!" but a little canter made him forgot about the disruption.

 The neck reining thing was cool. He picked it up straight away and we only lost direction when I forgot what I was doing with my legs or lost concentration.

This was the clip I watched beforehand that encouraged me to try it...I think it's a good video :) Click here if you fancy a look...

Happy horsing everyone x 

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