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Friday, 19 September 2014


I loved my horsey afternoon. I gave Rodney a really long groom before his physio and he seemed to relax and enjoy it. Probably my fault as I never normally spend much time brushing him and he seems indifferent - but today he was a happy monkey with all the fussing and polish.

While we waited for Joanne I pottered about and then read my book in the corner of his stable. Or tried to - he kept nudging me as if to say, "No, talk to me!" So I did, and we had a really nice few minutes where he let me scratch his face all over.

Joanne then arrived and spent two hours making Rodney the most chilled out horse ever. She did loads of work on him while we chatted and he had a very blissed out expression in between yawning and peering round at Joanne to see what she was up to.

I took note of the bits he particularly enjoyed and will try to recreate. So, a truly great afternoon. My week off from work and the extra time I'm spending with him is making a big difference.

Happy horsing everyone x

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