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Monday, 22 September 2014

How do you eat an elephant?*

Yesterday I had the treat of sharing my afternoon ride with my husband, who brought Nsncy along too. We did the little woodland ride again because it's pretty and not too far. It's so nice to ride with good company and Phil is really good at spotting different plants in the hedge, including the revelation that some cool soul has planted loads of broccoli and flowers along the path as a kind of wild garden. 

Secretly I'm slightly ashamed I never noticed! But hey ho, tasted a teeny bit of the broccoli and it was scrummy, really peppery. Nancy had a great time too as she found a dead bird stuffed with maggots to roll in. Oh, the delight! Phil made her have a bath when we got back to prevent us all contracting the plague and she is now a totally different colour. I thought she was grey, nope, she's a lovely fawn ;) We'll see how long it lasts...

Today I did some pole work with Rodney on the lunge line, just to get his hindlegs moving well. We have some plastic drainage pipes that are quite big and really good for getting them to move pelvis and hips etc. He was fabulous of course, and especially good to catch (possible due to hunger now the weather is colder but I like to think it's the soulful bond we share..) 

It's quite hard sometimes to just do these tiny bits each day with him when part of me just wants to ride for hours, but I'm seeing it as a long term investment in a) improving my patience b) keeping Rodney sound and healthy long term and c) keeping things fresh for both of us. Twenty minutes of nice work has to be better than an hour of boring-ness? 

Happy horsing everyone x

*Answer: bit by bit. (This metaphor is my new/old philosophy on life with Rodders.

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