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Monday, 3 February 2014

Winter's armpit

Known more commonly as February...the wind is howling. When it stops the rain begins. Everyone and his dog is stuffed with cold and riddled with depression.

Nothing to do but keep forging ahead I think, armed with endless coffee and Vicks Vapour Rub. 

Yesterday a pal came to ride Rodney for a little while. The school is pretty boggy so we stuck to walk/trot/halt transitions and they did well. 

Today Rodney let me practice stretching my hips out (my right one is giving me gyp) by crossing my stirrups. Again we worked on keeping our transitions soft and added a little bit of leg yielding. 

He was a good boy to catch so I'm going to try and just ride every other day rather than every day as I think my enthusiasm just peed him right off. 

Tomorrow I might ride Cady monster - she looks fit, healthy and bored! 

Is it reckless to promise photos? I fear the blog is looking very spartan these days...

Happy horsing everyone x

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