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Sunday, 9 February 2014

A first...and a first!

Last week my friend Lynne messaged me to ask if I wanted a lift to a local dressage comp. I made loads of excuses and wriggled as hard as I could but she basically refused to take no for an answer.

And so on Friday me and Rodney headed to our FIRST EVER competition. I listed all the things that could go wrong (I wouldn't be able to catch him, he wouldn't load,he'd nap as soon as it was our turn) but he proved me wrong on every count and was an absolute pleasure all night.

Truthfully, thanks to Rodney, Lynne and Phil (who came for moral support) that's the first comp I've ever done that I actually genuinely enjoyed. Rodders did a lovely relaxed test and the cherry on the cake was that we left with nice comments - my favourite was 'a good partnership' and a first place rosette. I couldn't ask for more and it's been a lovely boost.

We all need people who will give us a kindly shove in the right direction now and again, so my heartfelt thanks go to Lynne - who got me an entry, got me there and back so safely and offered such relaxed support :) What a terrific friend.

Rodney got spoiled all night too and seemed very pleased with it all and the next day we gave him an extra tasty tea. Phil and I had fish and chips when we got home as our reward so everyone won somehow or other!

Happy horsing everyone x

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