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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Riding on the roads these days is not for the faint of heart.

Buses, HGVs, drivers that pretend you don't exist...not to mention all the things next to the road that test a horse's nerve - wheelie bins, plastic bags, fly-tipping and so on.

But this morning I experienced a first. I was on a borrowed TB and riding out with one other, left the yard, saw tons of trucks and men in high viz. Thirty seconds later and a 60ft tree was felled right in front of us, complete with dramatic creaking and a huge crash.

Bless those horses because they just watched in amazement, yet never moved a muscle. Our horses look after us every single day and it's nice to stop and think for a minute of all the things they carry us past that make no sense to them at all, and yet they still do it. For all that they are flight animals they are also very brave!

Rode Cady in the afternoon and we both survived in one piece. She was super duper nervous and sharp, as always, but it was OK. Will I ever get a tune out of her? No idea, but I can only try. 

Happy horsing everyone x

Ps - no pics as I left house without the camera but soon, soon I will try harder!

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