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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

'Physical perfection not required'

I got some interesting responses to yesterday's post from my horsey friends. Even after seven plus years as a journalist I still get a surprise when people read what I write.

Mainly I got told off for moaning about my riding ability (!) but it raised some interesting ideas for me.

One friend suggested 'physical perfection not required!' and pointed out that for her, being a good horseman/woman is about doing your best to meet your horses' needs. Everything else being secondary.

I think this is helpful when you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. For me, this translates as - "Yes, I have a wobbly right leg, but I have lessons, get my tack checked, and do everything I can to make sure Rodney is ok i.e - osteopath, shoes, feed, wormer, grooming, daily checks etc."

Another friend reminded me not to discount my efforts to improve. I think this also is an important point. Even if we try, and make a mess of it, there is at least an outcome to work on from or a lesson to learn.

So at what point do any of us feel like we're a 'good' rider? It must be a never-ending road. Unless you're Carl Hester ;)

Yesterday I did not ride because of torrential rain. It was a case of leaping out of the car and running past both horses for a swift leg count. Tonight looks more promising, my tack is in the car.

Happy horsing everyone x


  1. Levels of competence
    1. Unconscious incompetence
    2. Conscious incompetence
    3. Unconscious competence
    4. Conscious competence

    Each of these levels brings its own frustrations and subsequent reward. They may frequently overlap. We are only able to retrospectively realise what were our previous levels, and only with regard to previous achievements.
    Horses are a continuing and emotional journey through incompetence.

  2. Thank you for commenting - I REALLY like the last line. When I read it I'm playing the Laurel and Hardy music in my head ;) x