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Monday, 5 August 2013

In which I realise I am a terrible rider

That moment, that awkward moment, can be painful.

It happened to me on Thursday as I trotted up a gentle hill on Rodney. My right foot and ankle started wobbling like the fury and only a concerted effort stopped it.

And that's when it dawned in me, rather horribly, that I am a terrible rider, and all my efforts aren't actually working. In fact, I have gone downhill considerably. My balance is precarious, my position is 'sitting in an armchair' and my quirks (strange right hand, head leaning off to one side) are going nowhere.

And on that revelation, perhaps you can understand why there are no  photos with this post :)

But what to do? For now, nothing. I think the important thing is just to let it sink in to the point where I can cheerfully accept that I have spent many years doing something I have no ability for.  

Happy horsing everyone x  

1 comment:

  1. A terrible rider is one with absolute disregard for their horse.
    An inability to maintain complete control of one's body parts is not covered within this remit ! lol
    We cannot all be physically perfect, we can only do our absolute utmost to consider the Horse: He is our recreation, are we the same to him ?
    I don't think you have a problem here !!!