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Monday, 12 August 2013

Chopwell Woods, Sedgefield Show and additional horsey craic

The weekend proved to be riddled with horsey goings-on, partly because the bf is super busy will essays so I felt it only fair to evacuate the flat and give him some peace.

On Friday a pal offered me space in her horse box to go to Chopwell Woods for a pleasure ride. Since Rodney has done next to nothing since I've had him I was slightly concerned about loading etc, and spent the afternoon beforehand thinking of excuses not to go.

Silly me, because Rodney was so perfectly well behaved I've been in a state of shock ever since. He loaded first time both there and back, travelled peacefully and was extremely good for the actual ride. It was a really, really lovely evening and I am just thrilled that he was so willing and tolerant (don't you think our horses put up with a lot when it comes to travelling and events etc?)

The pleasure ride wasn't a set route so at times we'd turn a corner and there would be 20 horses ahead. Rodney was really sensible about all this and we had a couple of good gallops too which was tres jolly.

On Saturday I was kindly invited to Sedgefield Show to see one of our friends show her three-year-old Andalusian colt. He is mega impressive and won a lovely rosette - hats off to his mum as he was quite noisy and excited about the whole thing but she has got it all running smoothly.
After his class we watched the fancy dress and a really good performance, I think by South Durham Pony Club (Zetland?) where they cantered about in formation without crashing.

Sunday morning started with a gentle hack around the fields and a teensy bit of schooling before I headed north to visit my friend who lives on a farm. We haven't seen each other for ages so had a thorough gossip about this, that and the other and then went to admire her favourite calf, who is rather beautiful and evil-looking. 

So very busy, very nice and now I'm very sad it's Monday again. For anyone who cares, Cady is a very happy field ornament still.

Happy horsing everyone x  

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