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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bitless Rodney and Stampy Cady

Our good weather continues, which may explain why this blog has been quiet...

That said, the past weekend was Phil's birthday and a big gathering of the families so riding has been on the back-burner. And I have missed spending time with the horses, which is a pleasure and a treat.

I did manage a short ride on Rodney on Monday evening. I keep meaning to change his bit and browband and then forgetting to do it so I decided to ride in his normal headcollar with leather reins attached. He was extremely good and responsive and relaxed about it. Did he prefer it? Possibly, and I'll certainly repeat the experience to see if that's the case.

I did notice that when I kicked my feet out of the stirrups he stopped. he doesn't mind when this happens on hacks but in the arena he seems wary about it. Something to practice/investigate. I suspect it's his careful nature checking to see if everything is ok? Please excuse my shockingly wonky legs in the photos. My leathers are worn out and I am crooked so I dropped the right leather by one which made it worse rather than better.

Cady is less enormous and less lame - tonight I may circle her and see how that left rein trot/hop is coming along. She's moved fields and got some new friends and last night when I was picking her feet out she very carefully and deliberately tried to put one down on my foot.
I was not very impressed with this mini rebellion and firmly told her to Sod Off, which is the technical term used in all good riding establishments.

Tonight I think I'll take Rodney for a ride around the farm. I am really enjoying his company more and more these days. He's always been lovely but I think we're really getting used to each other now. He went in a different field at the weekend with much more grass and still walked over to be caught.

He looks happy to me in this one

I relax...

So does he...

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