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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Yesterday evening I remembered just how powerful it is to be around horses. My head had been full of stress all week and driving to the yard I felt almost tearful and overwhelmed trying to get myself organised.

My instructor has wisely recommended I abandon attempts to ride Cady when I feel like this so instead my friend Mark and I decided to take them for a walk to the little wood nearby.

Harvey led the way with Mark and I followed behind with Cady snorting her head off. It was a beautiful mild and sunny evening and I could feel myself mellowing. 

In the past Cady has been tricky to lead as she tends to plant or spook a lot but she was really good and took her turn as lead horse on the way back.

Then we gave Harvey a good brush and took him down to the round pen to try a bit of join-up. He was a superstar and for the first time I asked him to canter and he just popped into a lovely rolling gait that made me think seriously about how much I'm longing to ride him.

As the sun set it was Cady's turn and I did some canter work with her too. She was really brave as the last time we went in the round pen she flat-out refused to go around one side of it. This time though she used the full track and tried really hard. 

We tucked them in for bed and by that time my fractious mood had evaporated. How lucky I am to have the two best horses in the world - well they certainly are to me, though I bet most horse owners feel like that! 

* I put one rubber mat at the front of Cady's box the other day, just to cushion her feet while she looks over her door. She wouldn't go near it, even though I left her tea on it. The next day it was untouched and she was not looking very happy! So the mat is now in Harvey's box - he's not afraid of a bit of luxury...Has anyone else experienced an extreme reaction to rubber matting or is it just quirky Cadster? 

I'm really enjoying the Horsey Hoodies blog sections this week 

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