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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

No news like good news!

Just a quick update with some fantastic news...

Osteopath Emily Bewsey came out to see Harvey on Tuesday and did an amazing job with him. She identified some nerve damage and lots of sore spots but by the time she was finished we were looking at a far happier horse.

She's also given me the all-clear to start building his muscle with some appropriate lunging and long lining. 

It was fascinating watching her work and the information she could give us through feeling his joints and alignment. I only recommend professionals on this blog when I've used them for my own horses and I would whole-heartedly suggest you see Emily if you are worried about your horse at all. Here's her website http://www.equine-osteopathy.org.uk/ though she will shortly be on maternity so be quick!

I am really relieved he has no lasting damage and yet it explains so much of his past behaviour - he has clearly been in pain for a long time.

Cady and I had another lesson from Jo Forster on Monday and what a difference. Cady is doing really well now that I am being less wishy washy. I'm just starting to realise how much horses can pick up on and how much they crave that strong leadership. I even had an 'A-ha' moment when I realised that bending my elbows and reconnecting them to my core suddenly made leg yielding easy peasy!

Yesterday I decided we'd schooled enough and whizzed around a few trotting poles and a tiny jump - our confidence is definitely improving. 

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