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Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekend snaps

For the first time this year I turned the horses out with no rugs so they could have a proper scratch.
They loved it - Cady rolled six times off the belt just in the few seconds it took to put Harvey out. I had another lesson with Jo Forster on Saturday. The minute I started warming up Bedlam broke out as one of the other horses in the field started kicking off along the fence line, a horse box pulled up and started unloading and loads of cars and JCBs started whizzing about.

To me this was disaster but after I stopped swearing Jo reminded me it was a really good opportunity to train Cady to get over this kind of thing. Anyway, I found the lesson tough but satisfying: here's my list of things I need to work on.
1) Making sure I go for a wee before I get on (I tend to ignore my bursting bladder which I'm sure just adds to my tenseness!)
2) Easing up on my inside rein which I've been using as a security blanket. Jo pointed out that Cady's eyes are bulging out of her head fighting against it
3) Using my legs effectively - no more waggling.

On Sunday I rode first thing. When we'd finished I didn't feel like it had gone too well but then I realised my standards have gone up and I can't get everything right overnight. Also, there were a couple of moments when I was actively correcting her rather than being a dreamy passenger.
In the afternoon I took her in the round pen and cantered her on my long line as she finds this pace hard being such a natural 'trotter'. She did great and I was really pleased with her. 

The photo above is of a cheeky chap on the next farm who snuck up to the fence line this morning to talk with Harvey and pals. 

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