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Monday, 20 February 2012

Three things that always make me feel better...

I think one of the best things about being a horse owner is that you learn to handle the fact that life doesn't always go the way you want. When you're confronted with a lame horse, or a horse that's tricky to ride, or a giant bill, you learn to dust yourself off and get on with it. And that's a good skill to have.

But there are certain things that always make me feel better when it comes to my horses. They're not huge things but they make a big difference. 

1. Watching them settle in for the night.
Nothing makes me feel so contented as seeing them stuffing their furry little faces with hay when they're knee deep in straw and wearing warm rugs. Once I've locked up I always go and give them one last good night stroke and when they ignore me I know they're happy and relaxed.

2. Scratching their scratchy bits.
Cady has many of these and pulls some cracking faces when you find them. I love seeing her go all gooey and yawny when I've scratched her neck for ages and she's all full of endorphins. Harvey is less particular but still likes his neck stroked while he wuffles around in my pockets.

3. Praising them for a job well done.
Sometimes I'm guilty of focusing on the parts that aren't going perfectly but the truth is both Cady and Harvey are diamonds in the rough so I 'm trying to replace my occasional frustrations with gratitude and realise I can learn a lot from them. There's a brilliant climber called Andy KirkPatrick and in the front of his book, Psychovertical, he thanks his wife for their children, saying they are 'presents that will take a lifetime to unwrap'. I think that's one of the best things I've ever read and sums up exactly how I feel about Cady Monster and Harvey Bobbins.

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