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Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunshine! You make everything better!

It's been a great weekend and I've enjoyed every minute of the heat.

On Friday Emily came out to see Rodney. She was due to treat him way back but the spring grass came through and he disappeared for a bit on a mission to evade capture and develop his grass curves.

Friday's session began very well just from the point of view that I could catch him! I love Emily's visits. She is so kind and knowledgable. I feel like I'm learning so much more about my horses through her treatments and at the same time the horse is getting relief and we're chatting away about the horse world and new findings in treatments etc. It's just one giant win all round.

Rodney loved her and let her do lots of work without any fuss. There was a lot of licking and chewing and yawning going on.

Rodney's like "Whaaaaaaaaat?"

In terms of findings, he's very tight in his muscles, particularly his hamstrings, and he's carrying all this overall body tension in his poll which will give him headaches. He's also rocking his pelvis from left to right rather than pushing through from behind. Emily gave him a thorough treatment and we've got lots of exercises to work away at until her next visit in September.

I won't ride for a while. Instead his rehab consists of carrot stretches, walking around the farm with his tail bandage contraption on (see pic) and lots of loose schooling, sometimes over small jumps to help him stretch out. And also because he loves jumping and it's fun for him and we want him to have fun and be happy.

Emily's also adjusted the pads in his prolite so his saddle is much more balanced for when we do ride again.

As a side note, I've also been going to an osteopath lately and it's done me the world of good. Hopefully the next few years will yield a stronger, straigher me and the same for my eight-legged team.

Cady's leg is improving but she's still about 2/10 lame on a right-rein circle so a bit more rest for her. That said she was a wonderful model yesterday. I wanted to test how I was going to make the tail bandage contraption on her first and she was very patient.

Phil and I sat and watched her herd for a bit in the sunshine. She's become a much calmer dictator in the last year. A flick of her tail and discipline is restored. It was really cool watching them as there are two youngsters who are very sweet and bicker like siblings and the whole herd is very knitted together like a gang of first years at comprehensive school.

So, not much riding, but lots going on and it's all very interesting.

Happy horsing everyone x

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