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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lovely summer's evening

I am still smiling after my night at the yard yesterday. The weather was perfect for starters.

I took Rodney in the arena just in his headcollar and set him free but he decided to stay close and we had a little walk round together. When he stopped to have a sniff at things I waited for him and then we'd set off again. We even trotted (me running) around together. It sounds like nothing but it was heaven. The pics show him walking over after he'd watched a couple of horses walk past and followed them for a bit. I've also bought some little fleecy bits for his headcollar which you can see below.

I rode Cady again and I was very pleased with her. She was high as a kite but did everything she was asked to do and went where I asked. It was particularly helpful that another horse came in so we had a ten minute breather just watching from the centre which helped calm her. Once she'd cooled off I gave her a long relaxing neck scratch so hopefully she will begin to associate the arena with good times. The pic is her having a little snack after our ride.

I can't tell you how it feels to see him walking over instead of disappearing in a cloud of dust!

It's hard to tell from the blog view but I love his eyes in this one :)

He came to say hello when I walked past to catch Cady. I'm pleased with his weight.

Nom, nom, nom!

Fleecy bits - £3.50 for two at Thinford Saddlery


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    1. It really was - hope Gem's foot is better.

  2. What a lovely evening. It brought a smile to my face, too. :-)

  3. I have nominated you for Liebster Award! Come visit: http://wolfie-whatwasithinking.blogspot.ca

  4. Thanks Wolfie, I'll have some fun with this when I get a minute :) x