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Friday, 11 November 2011

Exit Cady, enter Swampy...

Every summer I forget what a swamp donkey Cady is through the winter. The sunny weather gives me amnesia and then one day I wake up and she looks like this:

I'm a hippacrocapig!

If you look closely you can see the expression of exquisite happiness on her face. Despite the mud (she has been rechristened Swampy) I had my second mounted lesson with Gail Jeffrey the other day. Gail doesn't mess about and confiscated my bridle to see if she could make me cry:

Crying inside, smiling outside..

Actually, she wasn't trying to make me cry, she just wanted me to ride with my legs and core rather than dragging Cady about via the reins. And it worked, after a haphazard start we did some good work and she softened and started paying attention and I remembered that my legs work again.

My next bit of education for the week was a lesson with Yeb de Jong. He's got his own yard in Kirklevington but still travels to teach and is the Dog's Bs for getting your horse to work properly. My schooling has been a bit rubbish lately but he sorted us out and when I rode the next night the improvement seemed to have stuck and I was very pleased.

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately, my computer is on strike but business should be resumed shortly. A group of us are off to Your Horse Live so should be some exciting news from that! Can't wait, since this is better than Christmas as far as I'm concerned. Got my cash, got my camera, got my shopping list...


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