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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Your Horse Live

Your Horse Live is the best horse event of the year - ignore the Facebook moaners - if you haven't been you need to go.

Here's the evidence to back up this bold statement.

1. You had the chance to see Geoff Billington and Oliver Townend bring two freshly-backed four-year-olds into the main arena, nearly fall off several times and then demonstrate exactly why they are at the top of the tree. Really, really entertaining.

2. You could, like me, opt for porridge in the dodgy cafe near the Murder Motel where we stayed and wonder how exactly they got it to look so much like brains....I still ate it and it was very tasty.

3. You could also see Sylvia Loch on top form being the legend she is - slating bad riding practice, being humble and funny and brilliant and then getting a horse to piaffe in about oooh, five minutes. She is the business. If I could wish for another aunty, it would be Sylvia.

Not enough? We also got to see Laura Bechtolsheimer giving a dressage lesson, Anna Ross-Davies and her amazing horse Ice Age doing an extended trot that went into next week, a lovely grey TB named Midge showing how brave she was and representing the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre and Jason Webb using his common sense to start a youngster called Sheer Bliss.

I am now back home and armed with top tips and fresh enthusiasm. Cady is terrified.


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