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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Jumping! And flying....

Headed down to Yeb's yard on Saturday for a jumping lesson. My mount for the day was the fantastically-named Moose - a five-year-old 16hh dark chocolate cob.

We started with a warm up and progressed into grid work. It all went swimmingly till I somersaulted one way and Moose cantered off minus his bridle.


Yeb was a fountain of sympathy - naturally! He asked what the surface was like to land on and then it was back to business with me doing my best to keep my heels down. We finished on a nice note and I thanked Moose for putting up with me.

I haven't had a fall in a while but I'm very pleased to find I still bounce. The next day I did a tiny bit of jumping with Cady in her halter. Everything went really well and the only time we came near to disaster was at a halt, when she decided it would be best to buck/jump/fart in response to a patch of sunlight on the floor. Honestly.

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