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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Two-legged and four-legged horsey friends...

Having horses in your life can turn the most average of days into something special. I went to see my friend Emma today who I've known for 16 years. We met, fittingly, at a riding school when we both started helping out on a Saturday. Back then we were so desperate for our own ponies that we taught our pet rabbits to do tiny little showjumps - I kid you not!

Me, sporting Emma's normal size hat on my massoof head

As adults we've finally found the time and money to fulfill those childhood dreams and buy our own horses (much to the relief of the rabbit world) so when we meet for a cuppa we inevitably end up drifting down to the stables to see Cady or Tia, Emma's beautiful Highland mare.

Today we took the long way round and drove up to Thinford Saddlery to get a sheepskin numnah for Tia. They didn't have her size but we still saw about ten million other things to add to the wish list, like sparkly browbands, lovely Toggi boots ... the list goes on and on.

Then we stopped off to see a couple of trailers for Emma before going to see Tia and her field friends. Muddy and happy as always they soon came over to the gate to do a carrot inspection.

Tia then showed me her new trick - a rather elegant bow and we decided to have a little sit on her in her stable. She didn't seem to mind the fact her saddle and bridle were missing and let us take it in turns to climb on board and put our hands in her cosy mane.

Tonight the rain set in and the indoor school was busy, busy, busy so I settled for taking Cady for a leg stretch and doing a teeny bit of groundwork. After a proper neck scratch I left her munching carrots and drove home to mull through a big pile of magazines donated by Emma.

I've been to quite a few beautiful places and done some interesting stuff in the last few years but there's still nothing quite like a rainy day in the North East, driving round the dustbins and catching up with two-legged and four-legged horsey friends.

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