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Monday, 10 October 2011

First rosette...

A big weekend in my world... Cady and I did our second dressage competition on Friday and came away with our first rosette. It was Intro B and we managed a respectable fifth place. For me, the highlight was her unflappable approach to the judge's table and the fact that my gut was nerve-free.

Cady isn't a dangerous horse but we've had some pretty hairy moments in the past two years - mainly because I didn't have the skill and attitude to handle a youngster so she took over as a rather erratic boss. Fortunately we've put a lot of work in and had some great help from people like Gail Jeffrey, Lyn Coulson and Yeb de Jong and it's come good.

I look forward to going to the yard instead of feeling sick and owning Cady has become a pleasure. Our first rosette feels like a landmark and I hope it's the first of many. I couldn't care less about winning but being able to take part is something special. Motto of the story - if you're struggling with your horse then get some good, professional help and stick in. Nothing succeeds like hard work.

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