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Monday, 17 October 2011

'It's not rocket science!'

Two weeks ago I went to a balance workshop led by Centered Riding instructor  Joanne Forster - talk about an eye opener. It was rather humbling day, but great fun and I drove straight up to the yard afterwards, apologised to Cady for being crap and booked a lesson with Joanne.

The day of my lesson dawned this morning and it was everything I had hoped for and more. Joanne got me riding with a longer stirrup, a lighter seat and got me on the road to correcting some unhelpful habits.

Cady's status quo is to march around the arena shying and looking at her friends in the field but with some centred riding ideas she slowed down, softened and forgot about the blade of grass she wanted to eat half a mile away.
We also had a good laugh about my tendency to overcomplicate things. Cady is stiffer on her right rein and leans on her inside shoulder - with a tiny adjustment she turned her head in the correct direction and we ended up with the giggles at the simplicity of it all, hence my 'it's not rocket science!' epiphany.
It was a great lesson which gave me plenty to think about and practice while Joanne heads off to Holland to train with Nelleke Deen.

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