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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Is that the sound of my hopes being flushed down the toilet?

Why Yes! Yes it is.

I've been riding so much this year, and Rodney has been so, so good. We've been jumping, hacking out, schooling, everything.

I got so excited I joined a riding club and signed up for a jumping rally.

Then I sat all happy and chatted to Phil about how great Rodney is, all our future plans and how so many of his annoying habits have gone..like being a toad face to catch.

Yesterday went to get him and he didn't walk over as normal. Thought nothing of it and then my heart plummeted as I realised he had his shitface expression on and wasn't going to let me or my pathetic treats anywhere near him.

Lessons learned from the spring (the last time he was bad to catch) and I just left him. No point chasing him around and exhausting myself when I'm already full of cold and have a stupid eye infection that makes me look like John Merrick.

Very kindly my friend let me ride her pretty horse for which I was very grateful! 

Hopefully he'll come round tomorrow but if he can't handle lots of riding then I'll be finding him a new home. I've gone way past the point of only wanting to ride round the farm once a week!

One thing is for sure - I WILL get to that jumping clinic, even if I have to canter round on my own two feet with a sodding hobby horse!

Happy horsing everyone! Hope you're having more fun than I am ;)

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