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Saturday, 18 January 2014

How good riders get good

Favourite quote so far from Denny Emerson's book - How Good Riders Get Good.

"If you don't have what it takes to clamber out of the ashes of your burned-out dreams, time and again, you'd better take up golf."

So far so good with this book, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through. It's not beautifully written or soulful, like Mark Rashid's writing: instead it acts as a blunt trauma to any excuses you or I might be clinging onto when it comes to riding ambitions.

I won't bore you with a detailed breakdown but here's a small example of how effective the advice is. This afternoon, after three hours of mucking out in the rain, I snuggled down on the sofa with Phil and a cup of coffee with the intention of spending a rainy Saturday relaxing and reading. 

I picked up Denny's book and thirty minutes later I was down at the yard sheepishly tacking up for a schooling session. I rode for almost an hour and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the drizzly weather. Denny advocates lots of riding and lots of graft, and his no nonsense advice is highly motivating.

In summary, if you need a kick up the arse, this might be the book for you :)

Happy horsing everyone x

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